A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It's the month after Valentine's Day. All the pink and red decorations are coming down and making way for the next profitable holiday. The feelings it brought still linger in three coworkers at a small bookstore, who each wanted something more from it.

4k+ words, 2 routes, multiple endings based on choices 

Made as part of NaNoRenO 2022


Director and Composer - Stephan  P. (Twitter, Bandcamp, Itch)

Writer - JennyViPham (https://jennyvipham.itch.io/)

Writer - Rae Machado (https://thatoneparadox.itch.io/)

Programmer - SmallBunny (Itch, Twitter)

Character Artist - InstantantRiot (https://twitter.com/instantdoodles1)

Background Artist - Alexandria W. (https://twitter.com/art_by_alexaaa)


PostValenTimeline-1.0-mac.zip 79 MB
PostValenTimeline-1.0-pc.zip 114 MB


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Oh wow, I appreciate it, thanks!


Bit late on playing haha but really nice Nano game! Found the characters really interesting, Shawn's dialogue and the MCs narration cracked me up sometimes.